All orders are individually handmade upon ordering. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

  • OGBB oversized T

  • Hustle. Crop T

  • OG baseball jersey

  • Midnight edition oversized T

  • Hustle Oversized T

  • Greatness baseball T

OGBB oversized T

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Hustle. Crop T

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OG baseball jersey

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Midnight edition oversized T

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Hustle Oversized T

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Greatness baseball T

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OG Barbell Club

OG Barbell is a lifting and lifestyle apparel company. Everything is handmade, limited edition, and made to order!

We strive to support all aspects of the lifting community whether it be powerlifting, bodybuilding, strongman, fat loss journeys, Olympic weight lifting, CrossFit, etc. One of our core values is “Lift more, hate less”. We believe in always being kind and supporting others no matter what their goals are. We prefer to look at people as unique individuals who go through every day struggles rather than just acknowledging them as an athlete.

We like to raise awareness on mental health and share content that will help support those affected by it.

To “Be the OG” means to be original, be different, be brave enough to stray from the normal and to never underestimate your own potential.